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Hardes Fencing Ltd.

Hardes Fencing Ltd. supplies, installs, rents and repairs popular styles of fencing for commercial, residential and agricultural applications. Some fence types are suitable for all applications while others are much more specialized. Here is an overview of our most common fencing products and applications.

Chain Link Fencing:

  • Excellent choice for weatherproof durability and strength. Available in a variety of heights and gate configurations. Optional barb wire on top of the fence for added security. Rental panels are available and are ideal for temporary fencing requirements.

Automatic Gate Openers:

  • Power gate controllers for all fencing applications.

Game Fence:

  • Cost effective alternative to chain link. Excellent weatherproof strength and durability. Treated wood or steel support posts. Optional metal framed gate construction. This type of fence can be used to control big game such as deer, elk and bison. It can also be used for “Ecology Pits”.

Barbed Wire Fence:

  • Traditional farm fencing incorporating strands of barbed wire attached to wooden fence posts by staples. Ideal for containing most types of livestock. Can be configured with a varied number of strands, depending on the specific requirements. The most cost effective method of fencing large tracts of land. Ideal for keeping livestock away from oil well sites.

Electric Fence:

  • Flexible configurations, portable or permanent. Ideal for controlling all types of livestock. With very quick set-up a temporary electric fence keeps livestock out of work areas.

Wooden Post and Rail Fence:

  • Classic fencing style.

Wood Fence - Standard:

  • Systems for Subdivision Developers and residential requirements.

Dog Kennels and Runs:

  • Free standing panels are simply clamped together. Completely portable and easy to relocate. Sits on a level surface with no post holes to dig. All galvanized construction to prevent corrosion. Standard kennel size is 6 feet wide by 10 feet deep by 6 feet high. Can make to your specifications.

Something else in mind? Tell us what kind of fence you want and we will let you know if we can build it for you. Send us an email or better yet, call us at 1-306-344-4891, and let us look after all of your fencing needs.



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